Maineiax Lacrosse Club


Maineiax is thrilled to announce the relaunch of boys lacrosse beginning in September 2018! Maineiax was founded as a girls and boys lacrosse club and we’re excited to bring the boys game back! Our strong brand, excellent communication, elite coaching and prime location are just a few things we know you’ll love about Maineiax boys lacrosse!

Looking to take your game to the next level or are you just starting the game? Either way, we offer programs all year that will help you develop into a more complete lacrosse player. Maineiax takes great pride in giving you some of the best coaching in Maine with multiple college coaches, elite high school coaches, and college players on staff to help you grow your game all fall and winter. Players within each program will be grouped by age and skill level. We promote a fun and positive learning environment while helping you get ready for your spring school season. 


Peter Lasagna is currently the head coach of men’s lacrosse at Bates College, where he’s spent the last 18 years. He is a 3-time NESCAC Coach of the Year award-winner, has led the Bobcats to 7 appearances in the NESCAC Championships and 2 appearances in the NCAA Tournament and his team was ranked No. 1 in Division III during the 2017 season. Other accolades include being named the “Walter Alessi Man of the Year” by the New England Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association and NEILA’s Division III Co-Coach of the Year award in 2017 and Division I Coach of the Year by the United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association in 1994 while coaching at Brown University. Coach Lasagna is also a well-known voice in the collegiate lacrosse community as the back-page columnist for the award-winning magazine Inside Lacrosse since 2001.

To learn more about Coach Lasagna and our boys coaching staff, click here. (Photo courtesy of Bates College) 


  • Maineiax was founded as a girls and boys lacrosse club….we just took a few years off! 
  • We take pride in how we run our club; we offer superior organization, consistent and efficient communication, and high level instruction under a model that meets the needs of all ages and ability levels. 
  • Every grade AND player matters. No matter the age, each player receives elite coaching from our college and high school coaches. You’ll learn from some of the best coaches in Maine!
  • We believe in the growth of Maine lacrosse. We believe in our Maine players and want to help them get to the next level, create mentors for them & watch them have fun while learning! 


“We are thrilled about the comeback of the Maineiax boys lacrosse program! The level of college coach instruction and personal attention shown to every player makes Maineiax a highly specialized program that parents have been looking for locally (for every position). Maineiax has a unique balance of advanced college coaching skills and the level of play matches & shows what a well-run and organized program they are. As a local lacrosse board member, this is the kind of program we want our student athletes to be involved with; offering high quality coaching, high caliber-sportsmanship-like competitive players who are taught to play like a team and not only as great individual players.”
– Mom of two current Maineiax boys players & past daughter in the girls program

“The Maineiax Team does lacrosse right! Our family has had the opportunity to enjoy years watching the many positive impacts that the Maineiax coaches and the administrative team have had on our players. The caliber of instruction, positive reinforcement, and emphasis on skill and personal development in a competitive environment truly sets the Maineiax program apart.” – Maineiax parent

“My experience with Maineiax has been incredible. Very few words can describe the sense of community, unity and solidarity the club shows for each other. Every practice comes a new challenge or goal to work towards, but with the coaching staff present, nothing is unachievable. The level of intensity and energy Maineiax has continues to amaze me.”  – Maineiax player

Read more of our testimonials here.


Our Skills & Drills program is for players to work on improving their fundamentals in the off-season.  The hour program will be spent focusing on improving players stick work by working on both hands with lots of reps and individual feedback. Grouped in small groups, we’ll break down fundamentals and work on stickwork, stick protection and enhance skills. No matter the players skill level, our goal is to help them improve their ball handling skills to become a better player. Players will also work on fundamental skills such as effective dodging, competitive ground balls & 50/50’s, creative shooting, defensive positioning and footwork, goalie positioning and more. All skill levels are welcome. 

@ the Maine Athletic Complex (the MAC) in Portland
Sundays, 2nd-12th grades

November 4 – December 16 (7 weeks), 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
6th-12th graders, $175 | 2nd-5th graders, $99

January 6 – February 3 (5 weeks), 12:00 – 1:00 pm
2nd-5th graders only, $75


Our Lacrosse Academy is one of our most popular programs! This program is designed to help you improve the most important parts of your game: stick skills, speed training, and game awareness! Players will spend the time rotating through stations to work on: stick work routines on the wall, agility & footwork, fundamental skills & drills and live games. It is an exciting program to help improve your overall game and fitness! Players will be grouped by age and skill level. 

@ the Maine Athletic Complex (the MAC) in Portland
6th-12th grades 

Sundays, 12:30-1:30 pm 
November 4 – December 16 (7 weeks), $175

Sundays, 12:00-1:30 pm 
January  6 – February 3 (5 weeks), $175
60 minutes of stickwork and drills, 30 minutes of small sided games and/or full field games

*We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Maine Mussels for this session! If you’re a Mussels travel player, your discounted cost is $100 and will be paid directly by the Mussels. All Mussels players must register and select the Mussels option on registration. 


@ the Maine Athletic Complex (the MAC) in Portland
5th-8th grades
Thursdays, 4:00 – 5:00 pm
January 3 – February 7 (6 wks), $125

Our Winter League is a weekly league game where players will play a full field live game! This program is designed to help get players stick and stamina in top shape in the off season and before the spring season. The hour includes playing a live game with high-intensity reps, lots of touches with the ball and fast-paced action while being coached through team concepts on the field.  During the game, players also work on speed, stick skills, and game awareness. Don’t miss this fun hour of play! 


Take your game to the next level and compete like a warrior! Our 6-week Wall Ball Warrior program at OA Sports Center is designed to help you improve your strength and speed, while also enhancing your stick skills which are the two most important parts of your game! Players will spend the first hour at the Parisi Speed School, challenging themselves and working on footwork, agility and increasing speed. For the second hour, players will move over to the Hitter’s Count enhanced wall to work on new stick work routines (while recovering from their Parisi workout!) that will help them improve their overall game. Improve your skills and compete while tired from a workout, just like a game! Limited to 20 players each session.

@ OA Sports Center, 15 Lunt Road, Saco
6th-12th grades (limited to 20 players), $250

7:00-8:00 pm – Parisi Speed School training
8:00 – 9:00 pm – Wall Ball Academy at Hitters Count

Mondays, November 5 – December 10 (6 wks)
Wednesdays, January 2 – February 6 (6 wks)


If you’re home for the holidays and you play college lacrosse, we have the program for you to help you get ready for your season! Join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays to get your workout in and spend an hour with Prime360 ( while focusing on strength & conditioning, speed training, agility and overall fitness! Then spend an hour on the field playing a live full field game against other college players to get your reps in and sharpen your stick before your spring season begins! Sign up for all 10 practices or register for a punch pass and choose the number of days you can attend to fit your schedule. Open to men and women college players and grouped by gender (one group works out with Prime360 while the other plays full field). 

@ the Maine Athletic Complex (the MAC) in Portland
Current college players only
December 18 – January 24
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm 

Sign up for all 10 sessions OR a punch pass and choose the number of practices you attend! 
10 practices – $299 (full session)
8 practices – $250
6 practices – $195
4 practices – $125


Goalie training takes skills, techniques, work ethic, and grit. This hour program will work on specific skill sets for goalies going from A-Z in this unique and important position! Drills will build fundamentals, physical strength, and goalie IQ. Coaches will break down starting position components (body & hand position, stick to body relationship and arc & angle movement) while working on situational techniques (straight on, angles, low, bounce shots, ball behind, in close, etc.) and clearing. All skill levels welcome in this new and exciting training session!

@ the Maine Athletic Complex (MAC)
4th-12th grades (beginner to advanced)
Sundays, 1:30-2:30 pm, $125
November 18 – December 16 (5 wks)


Summer & Fall Travel Teams (2024-2028s)

Lacrosse is so much more than a sport. Our biggest goal is to help grow the game of boys lacrosse in Maine and to help our players improve! Maineiax uses lacrosse to build friendships, teach life long lessons, create gateways to college, and provide an experience you cannot find anywhere else. Our travel teams are for players looking for more than just pick-up leagues. We practice and train to build fundamentals and game knowledge to become the best players, teammates and people as possible. Our mission at Maineiax is to develop and improve individual players to help them reach their fullest potential. We emphasize team play and camaraderie by working together to become a better all-around lacrosse player. 

The Maineiax travel program gives players an opportunity to play at some of the nation’s top events and to learn from the best coaches in the area (college and high school coaches). This format gives players the opportunity to train, practice, and play at the next level, while having as much fun as possible.  We have travel teams for elite athletes seeking college recruitment* as well as competitive players who simply want to play beyond the fields in Maine.  Our high school teams will play at events flooded with college coaches and recruiters. Competing at some of the most competitive recruiting tournaments in the country will give them the opportunity to be seen and recruited* by NCAA DI, DII & DIII coaches. 

  • We offer superior organization and consistent & efficient communication
  • Become a more competitive player
  • Improve stick work & fundamentals while working on team concepts
  • Play as a team not only as great individual players
  • Compete against regional and national club teams
  • High level instruction by elite college and high school coaches & recent top college players under a model that meets the needs of all ages and ability levels


We have a place for every player, so we welcome all players to tryout as we will have a variety of programs offered. Those who are not seen as qualified to participate in tournaments will be asked to be a practice player or participate in another Maineiax program. 

We will have two tryouts for all teams (2020-2028) which will take place in late winter and early spring 2019. Please check back for more information soon! 


  • Maineiax does not prorate the cost for a missed practice or for not being able to participate in a full program. 
  • Maineiax reserves the right to change a program at any point or move players to a different program during the session based on skill level and/or attendance numbers. 
  • US Lacrosse membership is required for all players for insurance and liability purposes, no exceptions.


The above programs are played indoors on FieldTurf at the following location:

Maine Athletic Complex “The MAC” (formerly called 207Sports) – 1173 Riverside Street, Portland, ME