Maineiax Lacrosse Club


“The Maineiax team of dedicated coaches, Lauren, Brett and Heidi are what sets them apart from other sports’ clubs. Through their leadership and individualized attention, student athletes are challenged to be their best. Their genuine love for what they do shines through at every level of player development and is contagious. From the get-go when our daughter began her journey with Maineiax in middle school, she finished games and practices energized and inspired. As her passion for lacrosse grew to wanting to play at the college level, the supportive guidance and consistent feedback she has received to finally achieve her dream has been remarkable.”

“Thank you to all of you!!  We could not ask for better coaches, not only are you all knowledgeable and inspiring when it comes to the game, but you have our girls’ best interest at heart!  We are so lucky to have you!””

“You guys are such great role models!”

“Thanks for all you are doing for my daughter and for the sport in Maine. Your hard work and dedication will be reflected in a generation of women with outstanding character enhanced by your influence. Thanks!!”

“Just wanted to take the chance to say THANK YOU… for your unwavering support of Maine Lacrosse.  We trust our child to you and you take them where they need to be and fill them with confidence and opportunity.”

“Thanks for another wonderful season! She learns SO MUCH every year and comes away so much more confident!!!”

“Thank you so much for a great summer session. She had a blast! It was so wonderful to see the growth and development in her and her teammates. The unbelievable determination they showed was truly inspiring and so much fun to watch. Heidi, Brett, and Lauren did a fantastic job once again.”

“She is so excited to be part of the Maineiax team.  Thank you for believing in her.”

“What a great experience/season she had this past summer!!! The team and coaching were fantastic—so fun to watch them play. She had a blast and got better – what more could we ask for?”

“Thank you for providing the most amazing experience for my daughter!”

“I just love your program and how you are helping Maine lacrosse!”

“Grateful to have you guys in the lacrosse community. Our girls are SO LUCKY!”


“My experience with Maineiax has been incredible. Very few words can describe the sense of community, unity and solidarity the club shows for each other. Every practice comes a new challenge or goal to work towards, but with the coaching staff present, nothing is unachievable. The level of intensity and energy Maineiax has continues to amaze me.”

“I love Maineiax because it is where I have met some of my best friends. Although we live in different towns and I cannot see them all the time, I value these friendships so much. I love my Maineiax family! I have also had the most amazing coaches and have learned so much from them. I would never be the player I am today without them!”

“Maineiax is more than just a travel lacrosse team, it is an avenue to make friends, play the sport you love, and be coached by the best coaches in the state of Maine. I have been playing Maineiax since I was in 4th grade, and played up to fall of my senior year. I have made so many friends since I began and we all keep in touch even in college. The best girls in the state play and we are a talented team due to our coaching staff. Our practices are intense, and standards are high for every age group that plays. We practice with grades below us to push them to be their best, and for the older teams to make sure they are always working hard. Every age group supports one another at tournaments and practices; we are always cheering on, and supporting our Maineiax family.

Our coaches do not only teach us, and coach us in lacrosse, they support us in all aspects of life and care so much about each of their players.  Maineiax is such an amazing club to play for since everybody knows each other, and our coaches know us very well, which helps them push us to our full strength because they know how much we have in us. Everyone who plays for Maineiax, knows how lucky we are, as we have the best coaches, and we play in the best environment possible.”

“Not only does Maineiax give you exposure to college coaches, it also helps create friendships. I have many different friends from different schools that I’m normally competing against. Maineiax also helps build up your skills and strength in lacrosse.”

“I love Maineiax because the environment is so friendly and welcoming. It doesn’t feel like going to practice instead it feels like going to hang out with your friends while getting better at the thing you love and have in common. You develop lifelong friendships along with new skills!”

Why Club Lacrosse

Lacrosse is the fastest-growing NCAA sport among all sports. With over 500 NCAA women’s programs (DI, DII, DIII) and over 250 club programs, there is an opportunity to play at the college level for every player. Maineiax Lacrosse Club can help you develop your skills to improve your game. We offer year-round programs including summer & fall travel teams (practice players included) and fall & winter programming.

Maineiax also believes in building a players confidence and self-esteem while teaching life skills through the game of lacrosse. Players will meet new friends and find role models in their coaches.