Maineiax Lacrosse Club


Looking to take your game to the next level or are you new to the game? Either way, we offer year round programs that will help you develop into a more complete lacrosse player. Maineiax takes great pride in providing some of the best coaching in Maine with multiple college coaches, elite high school coaches, and college players on staff to help you grow your game all fall and winter. Players in each program will be grouped by age and/or skill level. We promote a fun and positive learning environment while helping you get ready for your spring school season. 

Maineiax has created an operating plan so that we are able to provide the safest and healthiest environment for our players and staff. Please understand that in doing so, there are changes to our standard operating procedures in each program to keep our players and staff safe. Click here for more information. 


@ the Maine Athletic Complex (the MAC) in Portland 
All skill levels welcome / limited spots available  

Our Skills Training program is for players to work on improving their fundamentals in the off-season. The hour program will be spent focusing on improving players stick work by working on both hands with lots of reps and individual feedback. Grouped in small groups, we’ll break down fundamentals and work on stickwork, stick protection and enhance skills. No matter the players skill level, our goal is to help them improve their ball handling skills to become a better player. Players will also work on fundamental skills such as effective dodging, competitive ground balls, creative shooting, defensive positioning and footwork, goalie positioning and more. 
Players will receive some of the best coaching in Maine from college coaches to elite high school coaches. All skill levels are welcome. 

Tuesdays, February 23 – March 30 (6 weeks), $150
K-5th grades, 4:00-5:00pm
6th-12th grades, 5:00-6:00pm


@ the Maine Athletic Complex (the MAC) in Portland 

Looking for a more advanced Skills Training program?! Our Elite Training Academy is designed to help you get your game to the next level in the offseason! The pace will consist of high-intensity reps as players rotate through stations to work on wall ball routines & competitions, speed training & fitness and game awareness in live small sided games on the field. Prime360 ( or Maineiax certified staff will work with our players on agility, footwork and building strength and conditioning! Most skills will be measured training to create a competitive atmosphere while players get lots of touches with the ball and improve their strength and game awareness! This program is for players with experience who have been playing on competitive school teams, travel teams, etc. Players will be grouped by age and skill. Package this with the Skills Training for a complete two hour workout! Maineiax reserves the right to move players to the Skills Training program as coaches see fit based on skill level. 

Thursdays, January 7 – February 11 (6 weeks) 
6th-12th, 5:00-6:00pm, $150

Tuesdays, February 23 – March 30 (6 weeks)
6th-12th, 6:00-7:00pm, $175


@ the Maine Athletic Complex (the MAC) in Portland 

Our new Lacrosse Academy is for the dedicated player who wants more! Based off of our new popular Top Flight program, Lacrosse Academy is a next level training regiment consisting of a two hour weekly workout. The first hour is small group training and positional work followed by an hour of league play so athletes are able to apply what they have learned.
We will also focus on strength and conditioning workout plans, sports nutrition guidance, lacrosse journaling, video analysis, and weekly testing. This program is for players with experience who want to work hard and be pushed by teammates around them! Elite players from this program will be eligible for our Top Flight program. 

Thursdays, January 7 – February 11 (6 weeks) 
6th-12th, 6:00-8:00pm, $275

Thursdays, February 25 – April 1 (6 weeks) *new dates*
6th-12th, 5:00-7:00pm, $275


5th – 12th Grades
@ the Maine Athletic Complex (the MAC)
February & March

Our most popular program of the year! Strict league play designed to get you ready for the spring season! Players will be assigned to a country team for the duration of the program. Each team will play one game and have Wall Ball Academy each week, with one bye week. Playoffs will be the last Sunday to determine winners! 1st and 2nd place teams will be named with the winner being given the World Cup Trophy! This program is limited with first come, first served. Players must be registered and paid in full in order to reserve their roster spot. 


@ the Maine Athletic Complex (the MAC) in Portland 
Thursdays, February 25 – April 1
7:00-8:00 pm, $99

Our Maineiax Premier League is a weekly pickup game where players will play an indoor live games! This program is designed to help get players stick and stamina in top shape in the off season and before the spring season. The hour includes a live game with high-intensity reps, lots of touches with the ball and fast-paced action while being coached through team concepts on the field. Depending on numbers, we’ll play full field OR split the field into two fields and play 4v4. Don’t miss this fun hour of play! Players with experience only / limited spots available . 


Lacrosse is much more than a sport. Maineiax uses lacrosse to build friendships, teach life long lessons, create gateways to college, and provide an experience you cannot find anywhere else. Our travel teams are for elite players looking for more than just pick-up leagues. We practice and train to build fundamentals and game knowledge to become the best players and teammates as possible.

Our mission at Maineiax is to:

  • Develop and improve individual players to help them reach their fullest potential.
  • Emphasize team play and camaraderie to become better all-around lacrosse team players.
  • Play at some of the best regional tournaments.
  • Superior organization with consistent and efficient communication.
  • High level instruction (college & elite HS coaches) under a model that meets the needs of all ages and ability levels.
  • Season dates: Summer (June -July), Fall (September-November) and Winter (January-March)

For more travel information, please click here.


It’s not just a travel team, it’s a regimen. Looking for more? Train all year and it’s so much more than lacrosse. Add another dimension to your training which no other club is offering.

If you want to be the best, you need to train with the best all year round! Top Flight is a NEW offering that provides a next level training regiment for the most dedicated and elite players in the state. It is by invitation only and meant to push the players that show they have the passion and dedication to their game year round. It focuses on small group training, positional work, strength and conditioning workout plans, nutrition guidance, lacrosse journaling, video breakdown, and small sided play.

For more Top Flight information, please click here.


  • Maineiax does not prorate the cost for a missed practice or for not being able to participate in a full program.
  • Maineiax reserves the right to change a program at any point or move players to a different program during the session based on skill level and/or attendance numbers.
  • US Lacrosse membership is required for all players for insurance and liability purposes, no exceptions.

The above programs are played at various locations. For more information, click the link below.